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Moth + Flame guides brands entering the VR space through each step of the process including CREATIVE, PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY and APP PUBLISHING.

Remember Remember

You’ve survived an alien invasion and wound up in prison, where you are told your memories aren’t real. Is your mind playing tricks on you, and why does your captor keep appearing in your visions? An immersive look at what we believe and how we can be convinced it isn’t true.

Teen Wolf VR

To help MTV launch their first VR initiative at Comic-Con 2016, Teen Wolf VR takes fans into the world of the hit series and puts them face to face with this season’s new villain. Using our gaze-activated technology, the user will be place into a scene where the choices they make will determine if they live or die...

Developed in Unity for Oculus and Gear VR


An immersive journey into the world of the music video where users can have a first-of-its-kind encounter with the song "style" in a way they had never imagined.

Developed in Unity for the HTC Vive.

Believe VR

The keynote demo at 2016 VRLA, Believe VR was the first virtual reality piece to bring gaze-activated content into a live action, narrative scene. The piece places users inside a scene such that the actors in the scene change their behavior according to where the user looks.

Developed in Unreal for Oculus and HTC Vive

Marco Marco Miami

To give fans a chance to witness Marco Marco’s annual drag queen fashion show, we shot this 360 video in unique way that both gave the immersive feel of being right in the middle of the action and at the same time take advantage of traditional cinematic editing techniques to match the pace and vibe of the high energy show.

Directed by Jason Koffeman


To help launch her debut album, we produced a 360 music video for actress Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black). we used projection photography to develop an aesthetic for the piece unlike any other 360 video.

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